Terms and Conditions
of the Boundless legal consultation subscription (2021 edition)

The present terms and conditions set out the rights and obligations of the subscriber on the one hand and Boundless Consultancy Sàrl on the other hand (hereinafter referred to collectively as “the parties”).

Who is Boundless Consultancy Sàrl?

Boundless Consultancy Sàrl (hereinafter “Boundless”) is a limited liability company registered in Vernier (GE) in accordance with Swiss law.

Boundless is a legal consultancy and does not provide legal expenses insurance.

Who is the “subscriber”?

A subscriber is any all natural person, domiciled in Switzerland or a neighbouring country, who has purchased a personal or family subscription. In the case of a personal subscription, access to the services provided within the scope of the subscription is limited to the subscriber only. In the case of a family subscription, access to the services provided within the scope of the subscription is limited to the subscriber and his or her family members living under the same roof  as the subscriber (established based on legal domicile).

Subscription start and end dates

The subscription is valid for 12 months, starting from the date on which Boundless receives payment of the subscription fee.

The contract is not renewed automatically.

Early termination

Boundless reserves the right to terminate the contract under the following circumstances:

  • if the subscriber fails to pay the subscription fee within the deadline stipulated in the contract; or
  • in the event of misuse of the services provided by Boundless or any use contrary to the present terms and conditions, in particular use of the subscription by or on behalf or third parties not covered by the subscription.

Any outstanding subscription fees remain due in the event of early contract termination for either of the above-mentioned reasons.

What does the subscription cover?

A Boundless subscription covers unlimited legal advice in the following areas of Swiss law:

  • the laws governing immigration;
  • family law;
  • social security law;
  • the law of “poursuite” (debt);
  • employment law;
  • support for start-up businesses.

The services provided by Boundless are limited to legal advice.

Fair-use policy

Subscribers are asked to use the subscription reasonably; Boundless reserves the right to terminate the contract or limit its services with immediate effect or to levy additional administration fees in the event of excessive use.

Subscription price

The price of a personal subscription is CHF 150 per year, payable in advance.

The price of a family subscription is CHF 250 per year, payable in advance.

Contract modifications

The contract may be amended at any time by one party with the consent of the other party.

Contract termination by the subscriber

The subscriber can cancel the contract at any time by notifying Boundless one month in advance. Boundless reserves the right to levy a cancellation fee, and the subscriber will not be entitled to a refund of any part of the subscription fee in the event of early termination of the contract.

Late payment of subscription fees

Boundless reserves the right to levy interest and a reminder fee in addition to the outstanding balance due in  the event of late payment by the subscriber. Boundless further reserves the right to delegate responsibility for collection of the outstanding amount (including interest and reminder fee) to a third party. A surcharge of CHF 40 may be applied in the event that Boundless has to take further measures to recover payment..

Correspondence between Boundless and the subscriber

Correspondence addressed to Boundless must be sent by post to the following address in order to have legal force: Boundless Consultancy Sàrl, Chemin de l’Esplanade 22, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland. All correspondence sent by Boundless to the subscriber at the most recent postal address communicated to Boundless shall have legal force. All contractually or legally required correspondence must be made in writing.

Assignment of rights

The subscriber may not under any circumstances assign the rights accorded by the present contract without the written consent of Boundless.

Data protection

Boundless shall handle the subscriber’s personal information in compliance with all applicable data protection legislation.

Boundless collects and processes certain elements of the subscriber’s personal data, as well as data relating to the subscriber’s offer, contract and data, in the course of the subscription as needed to study and assess risks and manage the contract. The subscriber’s data shall be held and stored in the form of electronic and/or physical files for a minimum of ten (10) years following termination of the contract. Boundless commits to handling all personal data collected in strict confidentiality. Any individual can request the deletion of his or her personal data at any time by emailing Boundless at the following address: info@boundlessconsultancy.ch.

By concluding a subscription, the subscriber authorises Boundless to use all electronic methods of communication (email, fax, etc.) to communicate with the subscriber and other relevant parties unless expressly indicated otherwise. The possibility of third parties gaining unauthorised access to the data thus transmitted cannot be entirely excluded, and Boundless shall not be held liable for the unauthorised receipt, reading, transmission, reproduction, use or manipulation by a third party of any information or data transmitted by electronic means.

Telephone calls between Boundless and the subscriber may be recorded for the purposes of training and quality control.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present contract is exclusively subject to Swiss law. Should the subscriber wish to lodge a complaint against Boundless, this may be done either in the subscriber’s place of domicile in Switzerland or in Vernier (GE), where Boundless is headquartered.


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