How to change your canton in Switzerland?

Changing your canton of residence can be challenging. In this short video we will explain if you have the right to change your canton and the conditions to do so.
The rules are different between residence with L, B, C, S and F permit.
For L permit holder, there is no right to change the canton. You need to seek a new permit in the new canton.
For B permit holder, the right to change your canton is associated with some conditions.
For C permit holder, the process is simpler but you still need a permission to change the canton.
For S permit (temporary stay), changing canton will no longer be accepted unless if there is a motivation such as family unity or work reason.
For F permit, the process is different unless if there is family unity reason or serious risk. If these reasons are not met, the request must be approved by the canton of residence and the new canton.

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