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Boundless Consultancy’s unique subscriptions offer peace of mind for migrants getting to grips with Swiss bureaucracy: for a single annual fee, you benefit from an unlimited number of consultations with our legal advisers. This is a great option whether you’re in the process of moving to Switzerland and need help fulfilling your various administrative obligations, or your situation has changed, making your legal or financial situation uncertain.


A subscription offers unlimited access to expert advice on subjects ranging from immigration and permits to family law, employment law, debt, health insurance, pensions and unemployment insurance. We can also advise entrepreneurs in the process of setting up small businesses. Whatever your situation, we guide you through each process, helping you to understand your rights and obligations and proposing the best course of action for optimal results. As a subscriber, you won’t be limited to seeking advice on one case – we’re here to answer all your questions, however diverse they may be.


Our individual Boundless subscriptions cost just 150 CHF for the entire year, and our family option, covering not just you but your partner and children too, is even better value at 250 CHF. Yes, you read that right – for the price of fewer than two single consultations under a traditional hourly tariff, you can enjoy as many as you need for a whole year.


So save yourself some trouble and say goodbye to the days of trawling forums for information or sharing your personal situation with strangers on the internet in the hope of finding an answer – just drop us a line, safe in the knowledge that it won’t cost you a thing and you can come back for more information as required.


Purchase a Boundless subscription online using the form below, or contact us if you’d like more information before committing. The full terms and conditions of the subscription are available here.

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Subscription Form

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Access to the services provided within the scope of the subscription is limited to the subscriber and his or her family members living under the same roof as the subscriber (established based on legal domicile).

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